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Ionautics works with several companies within thin film and nanoparticle production. Our HiPIMS hardware is today implemented in many types of magnetron deposition systems from major system builders world-wide.

Mantis Deposition Ltd, United Kingdom

Mantis Deposition was established in 2003 by scientists who have the winning combination of deep understanding of nanotechnology, instrumentation and thin film deposition.  Mantis' products are designed for all cutting-edge materials research, typically nanoparticles, magnetics, solar, OLED and anti-microbial studies as well as standard  MBE, Surface Science and PVD.  The Mantis range of products include component sources and flexibly configured deposition systems based on their own UHV deposition components.  Working in partnership with SIGMA Surface Science, Mantis is able to deliver platforms at the fore-front of thin film research and analysis.


Polyteknik AS, Denmark

Polyteknik designs and manufactures thin film deposition systems covering most PVD and PECVD processes. Polyteknik has built up an extensive knowledge of the sputtering process from in-house coating and complex system designs. Polyteknik supports their customers in the range from small scale advanced R&D process development to full scale customised production systems. Polyteknik AS has experience with a wide range of sputtering processes including among others HiPIMS, DC, RF, bipolar and pulsed DC.


Portsdown Scientific Pte Ltd, Singapore

Portsdown Scientific  was established in 2013 to focus on the sales and support of UHV surface science equipment, vacuum deposition systems and related nanotechnology products. The founder is Graham Bennett a former sales manager from Research Instrument Pte Ltd with over 20 years of experience in sales and service of vacuum systems. Portsdown Scientific offers a wide range of vacuum systems and components including magnetron sputtering systems from Mantis Deposition Ltd, UK.




Advanced Materials Processing Engineering Laboratory (AMPEL)

Advanced Materials Processing Engineering Laboratory (AMPEL) are belongs to Graduate School of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University. Whole research activities of AMPEL are to develop the multiscale manufacturing process for biomedical functional devices. From the scale of synthesis of nano-structured material to micro-meter scale thin film coatings, and to sub-millimeter scale metallic components, AMPEL tackled with the fundamental issues related to the manufacturing process. Thin film coating groups are mainly working on a development of low temperature growth of high toughened hard coating films to achieve the endurable functions in severe mechanical damages. To achieve its high functionality, HiPIMS based process development is the key technology for the future applications.






Mantis Deposition Ltd - United Kingdom
Phone: +44 1844 260160



Polyteknik AS - Denmark
Phone: +45 96892800


Portsdown Scientific Pte Ltd - Singapore
Phone: +65 93821401



Advanced Materials Processing Eng. Lab., Tokyo Metropolitan University
Phone: +81- 42-585-8650
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