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Our customers span from industrial production, R&D departments in a wide range of areas to academic research groups worldwide.


Since 2010 we have had a handful of ongoing projects, where we deliver state of art recipes of coatings to premium customers. All of those cases have given the customer vital business advantages. We work under total secrecy, but in the near future one or two of our customers' products will be on the market and we can refer to them. If you would like to be a premium customers please contact us and order a 1-2 day(s) Pre-study with our expertise.


We have more than 15 years of world leading experience in the field of deposition recipes with the sputtering technology. To be at this position we have to be the leader on deposition core technology, where one part is our expertise to design and produce high quality hardware. We are selling worldwide and today our hardware is used on almost all continents.


Ionautics' expertise in the field of thin film technology is world leading. We are often hired in technology ownership and patent investigations.