Ionautics - Customized deposition processes
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Customized deposition processes


We know that each challenge is unique and that new and enhanced coatings and deposition processes require knowledge, service, and support. We therefore offer customized solutions, where we work with our customers in close cooperation to ensure the coatings meet all the critical requirements. Such work involves setting up and installing equipment on site, conducting joint process development, following up on questions and issues on a weekly, or even daily, basis in physical and virtual meetings.

To safeguard a successful outcome, we involve our group of experts, who provide know-how in areas like high-power electronics, plasma discharges, material science, commercialization, and industrialization. We have more than 15 years of world leading experience in the field of deposition recipes based on magnetron sputtering technology.


We have a proven track record of helping companies all around the globe to build new HiPIMS deposition systems and develop new coatings to handle critical challenges such as:

  • Increase hardness
  • Reduce friction
  • Prevent material diffusion
  • Cover complex structures
  • Phase-tailor materials
  • Increase wear resistance