Our nanoparticle cluster source is designed by experts in the field with long experience in nanoparticle production for different applications. With its quick installation using standard tube feedthroughs and easily interchangeable target cathodes, this nanoparticle source is optimized for high vacuum systems where a source for nanoparticles is desired. HiPNano is operated in high-power pulsed mode and optimized for our HiPSTER 1 HiPIMS unit.

Download data sheet here.


  • Hollow cathode design for maximized target material ionization and nanoparticle growth
  • Higher nanoparticle growth rates compared to magnetron based sources
  • Easily interchangeable hollow cathode targets
  • Nanoparticle size control through several parameter options
  • Well investigated and documented parameter studies
  • Tested using a range of target materials
  • Nanoparticles obtain a net negative charge which makes electrical guidance to preferential spots possible


  • Renewable energy: For example applicable in Solar Cells
  • Energy storage: For example applicable in Batteries 
  • Energy conversion: Can be used in catalysis and water splitting
  • Sensor technology
  • Medical applications: For example when using Contrast Agents
  • Smart windows

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