Optimizing material performance through tailored nanostructures

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Tailormade Nanostructures

We use our HiPIMS technology to produce tailormade nanoparticles. With our revolutionizing production method our nanostructures can be tailored to your needs. Our primary focus is the Hydrogen Market – We aim to enable the production of Green Hydrogen to scale on a global level. However, there are endless application areas for our nanostructured materials.

A word from our Nano Development Manager

Tailormade nanoparticles

“With our knowledge within nanoparticle technology together with our products we can produce tailormade nanoparticles. We strive to meet our customers’ requirements. Only your imagination can limit the possibilities for our nanostructures.”

Dr. Sebastian Ekeroth

Nano Development Manager

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Nanostructures Technology

Our nanoparticles are created using a hollow cathode sputtering technique where a relatively high pressure (around 100 Pa) is maintained in the sputtering chamber in order to nucleate the sputtered material into nanoparticles. A combination of hollow cathode target and high power pulses ensures a high ionization rate, which allows the nanoparticles to grow at a rate approximately 100 times faster than the standard cluster source. The source can be used to grow nanoparticles out of any sputterable material, including alloyed ones.


1. Nanomaterials for hydrogen

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2. Specific Applications

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For an in-depth description of our Nanostructures Technology

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Nano Technology

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