HiPSTER 6 BiPolar

Our HiPSTER BiPolar HiPIMS units belong to a new generation of HiPIMS technology. They are designed by experts in the field with an excellent track record of plasma process development and thin film deposition in order to generate robust and repeatable HiPIMS processes.

Top-quality products require top-quality components. In order to achieve an optimal result, we recommend using our tailormade HiPSTER DC units and our cables. Contact us for a package deal.


  • Stable and robust 
    • Stable and robust discharge process – Constant voltage and no unwanted oscillations.
  • Externally triggered
    • Externally triggered and possible to control through master-slave configuration – multiple power supplies.
  • Reactive process control
    • Reactive HiPIMS process control can be implemented upon request. This feature allows:
  • Stable operation during the transition mode
  • Wide process window of reactive gas flow with maintained stoichiometric composition


  • Customized coatings
  • DLC coatings
  • ITO coatings
  • Barrier coatings
  • Hard coatings
  • Optical coatings
  • Electrical coatings
  • 3-D coatings

For more information about each application, view the HiPIMS Technology page here. (Opens in a new link).

Download HiPSTER 6 BiPolar

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