Our HiPIMS Hardware Production

Production in Sweden using reliable ISO certified production standards

Solid expertise in electronics production

Our production-site started four decades ago. Today, In addition to huge know how and extensive experience, it is also home to the most up to date technology for electronics production. Manufacturing is primarily focused on complex products and systems in smaller and medium sized series.

Our products have to work without exception

Our production is organised in targeted groups with a significant customer focus. A large proportion of the products manufactured at the factory are used in tough environments where they are exposed to moisture, heat, vibrations, etc. We also have complete ESD protection and adaptation to the requirements of the RoHS Directive.

Our production sites are certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and IRIS.

Capability to deliver

 With our ”fall-back” production sites we can guarantee deliverance in promised time.

We have a capacity of 60 000 000 components assembled per year. Today 50% used. 

We can increase our HiPSTER production with a lot more than 1000 units per year without extra investments.

Continuous improvement work

Our long-term thinking, reliability and stability offer production and quality assurance out of the ordinary. That’s why we are the natural choice for customers with high standards for quality, delivery precision and environmental durability.