Groundbreaking and eco-friendly chemical vapor deposition

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Our e-CVD method uses the electrons in the plasma for deposition and holds the potential to streamline the advanced material industry. Using the high density of plasma electrons in HiPIMS, combined with the correct chemical precursors, complex shapes can be coated in a single step without breaking vacuum and without using wet chemical methods.

A word from our CVD Development Manager

Our e-CVD Technology

“We are certain that our e-CVD technology will create a safer work environment and generate a more efficient production of semiconductors. This is the next generation of technology for the electronics industry.”

Prof. Henrik Pedersen

Senior Advisor

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e-CVD Technology

The non-line-of-sight deposition method can provide a faster and simplified process for metal deposition in the electronics industry by eliminating the need for wet-chemical deposition steps. High deposition rate at low temperature can be combined with bottom-up, and top-down, area-selective deposition without the need for hazardous, unstable molecules that require special handling, storage, and working routines.


1. Area-selective metal-on-metal deposition

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2. Deposition on temperature sensitive materials

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e-CVD Publications

For an in-depth description of our e-CVD technology

H. Nadhom, D. Lundin, P. Rouf, and H. Pedersen, J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A 38, 033402 (2020)

e-CVD Technology

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