Ionautics has developed a new ultra-fast HiPIMS power supply to meet the needs of future HiPIMS processes. It is a 1 kW HiPIMS unit for R&D departments and academia and is suitable for magnetron sizes up to 50 cm2 or approximately 3-inch circular targets.

Top-quality products require top-quality components. In order to achieve an optimal result, we recommend using our tailormade HiPSTER DC units and our cables. Contact us for a package deal.

Download data sheet here. 


  • Full range test 
    • Tested for a full range of magnetrons and processes incl. reactive HiPIMS at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.
  • Stable and robust 
    • Stable and robust discharge process – Constant voltage and no unwanted oscillations.
  • Externally triggered
    • Externally triggered and possible to control through master-slave configuration – multiple power supplies.
  • Reactive process control
    • Reactive HiPIMS process control can be implemented upon request. This feature allows:
  • Stable operation during the transition mode
  • Wide process window of reactive gas flow with maintained stoichiometric composition


  • Customized coatings
  • DLC coatings
  • ITO coatings
  • Barrier coatings
  • Hard coatings
  • Optical coatings
  • Electrical coatings
  • 3-D coatings

For more information about each application, view the HiPIMS Technology page here. (Opens in a new link).

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