Ionautics - HiPSTER 1 BiPolar
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Our HiPSTER BiPolar HiPIMS units belong to a new generation of HiPIMS technology. They are designed by experts in the field with an excellent track record of plasma process development and thin film deposition in order to generate robust and repeatable HiPIMS processes.

Intrinsic ion acceleration

Bipolar operation provides ion acceleration without the need of substrate biasing 

Stable and robust

Stable and robust discharge process (constant voltage and no unwanted oscillations)

Externally triggered

Externally triggered and can also be controlled in master-slave configuration (multiple power supplies).

Need a DC driving unit?

The HiPSTER series offer an easy upgrade of an existing magnetron deposition system to true HiPIMS. The HiPSTER BiPolar can be directly connected either to two existing DC power supplies (positive and negative output) or to our tailor-made HiPSTER DC units. Please contact us for package deals.

Reactive process control

Reactive HiPIMS process control option can be implemented upon request. This feature allows:

  • Stable operation in the transition mode
  • Wide process window of reactive gas flow with maintained stoichiometric composition