Our HiPSTER HiPIMS units are designed by experts in the field with an excellent track record of plasma process development and thin film deposition in order to generate robust and repeatable HiPIMS processes. With the new ultra-fast switching technology and extended HiPIMS pulse control the HiPSTER is a perfect tool when developing and running state-of-the-art HiPIMS processes. HiPSTER 20 is a 20 kW HiPIMS solution for industrial use and R&D departments and suitable for magnetron sizes up to 1700 cm.


  • Stable and robust discharge process (constant voltage and no unwanted oscillations)
  • Can be triggered externally (multiple power supplies)
  • New switching technology allowing HiPIMS pulsing frequencies up to 10 kHz
  • Tested for industrial use on planar and rotatable magnetrons in joint collaboration with our customers and partners
  • Real-time information on the discharge pulse voltage and current
  • Add Ionautics’ superposition technology for HiPIMS + DC
  • Reactive HiPIMS process control option can be implemented upon request


  • Hard coatings: Smoother and denser elemental as well as reactively deposited compound coatings, which result in increased hardness, reduced corrosion, and less friction
  • Optical coatings: Increased optical properties through smoother interfaces and denser structures
  • Diffusion barriers: Better performance through increased coating density
  • Electrical coatings: Improved conductivity enabling reduced coating thickness and reduced heat load. Also increased isolation in the case of insulators can be obtained
  • 3-D coatings: Uniform film coverage on complex shaped substrates

Top-quality products require top-quality components. In order to achieve an optimal result, we recommend using our tailormade HiPSTER DC units and our cables. Contact us for a package deal.

Download data sheet here.

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